Interesting Facts About the Phoenician People

  • The Phoenicians used the Murex so much to make their purple dye that they drove it into extinction.
  • A nickname for the purple dye the Phoenicians made is "Royal Purple", because the process of extracting the dye from the Murex was so difficult and so time-consuming, and the fact that it was very expensive, thus the wealthy were the only people who could afford cloth dyed with the purple dye.
  • The darker the cloth dyed purple was, the more expensive the cloth was.
  • Friendly relations were established between King Hiram of the Phoenician city Tyre and King Solomon, so the Phoenicians actually built the temple of King Solomon, using Phoenician designs.
  • DNA research has been done, and that 22% of Lebanese today are of Phoenician descent.
  • The Phoenicians paid Berber leaders in Morocco so that they would escort their trading caravans in to the African interior.
  • Archaeologists have discovered homes of farmers and fishermen in Gebeil dating back all the way to 7,000 B.C. Because of these discoveries, it is thought that Gebeil, later to be inhabited and named Byblos by the Phoenicians, is the oldest city in the world!


"The Phoenicians were ingenious traders, seafarers, and inventors, who made many contributions to society."