The Abundant Land of Phoenicia

The Phoenician people lived on an abundant land of fertile valleys and lowlands. The country of Phoenicia was a narrow strip of the Syrian coastline. It was about 160 miles long, and 20 miles wide. The nature the Phoenicians lived among grew olives, grapes, fruit trees (including figs and sycamores) and wheat, all of which the Phoenicians harvested and planted themselves. Not to mention the well-known Lebanese Cedar Tree. The nature, land and oceans of the Phoenician people had a variety of animals. The animals in the mountains included bears, panthers, wolves, hyenas, jackals, and hares, and some smaller animals, like dormice, martens, and squirrels. Birds in the mountains included kites, falcons, hawks, and buzzards. Some other birds were kingfishers, owls, and migratory birds like pelicans, flamingoes, herons, snipes, and cormorants. The ocean supplied the famous Phoenician Murex shellfish, which the Phoenician people learned to extract the purple dye from its shell.

Pictures of Animals and Plants Found in Phoenicia

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"The Phoenicians were ingenious traders, seafarers, and inventors, who made many contributions to society."